Our Story

Two Women. Two Minds. Two Styles. One Collection.

Both designers and artists living in the Margaret River Region, it’s easy to see how art duo Kerry and Leah

decided to embark on the creative journey that is Running Wolves.


They say opposites attract and in this case that applies to business partners as well! Yin and Yang in personality and artistic style, these two very different women found a creative way to celebrate each other’s uniqueness and the perfect partnership was born.


Whilst completing works individually, Leah and Kerry discovered a unique ability to paint on the same canvas and combine their very distinct styles. Now completing works both individually and collaboratively, Running Wolves offers art lovers more variety and choice through their collective body of work.


 ‘’ We use a considered approach to create soulful, emotive, inspiring art for you and your unique space.
As designers, structure and planning is inherent in our artwork, from the mixing of paints, to the size and framing of each piece. But it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to only plan so much – the rest is up to our hand holding the brush, and our hearts.


Our belief is that art has the capacity to fill your home with inspiration, colour and personality. You don’t need to be creative or artistically skilled to appreciate art. What you choose to put in your home can either reflect a part of yourself or simply bring you joy. ’’