Kerry Brooks

Strong and independent women are the epitome of Kerry’s lineage.


Her grandma was the matriarch of the household, as were her sisters and their mother, and as are her daughters. Kerry’s own mother carved out her inherently unique existence against the grain of society, exploring abroad at a young age, carving out a career in the tech industry.


These generations of women instilled in Kerry a fierce will and ambition to make her life her own. She searches for peace against conformity in a perpetual battle within a society that burdens the modern feminine soul with its far reaching expectations.


Kerry sees beauty in the unfamiliar, the strange. She is drawn to those who so confidently own their lives. Her work focuses on capturing the feminine beauty and power in every individual, often suggested by a lone figure, or expressive in abstract forms and sensual textures.


Contrary to her background of formulated processes in interior architecture, Kerry’s creative expression through painting is a place where she feels closest to the beauty and rhythm of her own being. It is where she is at peace to inspire, and to be inspired.

Leah Pisconeri

Leah’s childhood memories stem from days spent exploring the wild; creating, painting, foraging and making on her family’s bush property in Western Australia. This is where her innate curiosity towards the patterns and functions of the natural world begun.


Creativity has taken precedence in Leah’s life decisions and ultimately her search for self-expression. Making space in her interior design business to deepen her painting practice and broaden her creative channels, was the catalyst in the conception of Running Wolves.


With an approach that demands time and patience, Leah finds a deep sense of joy in slow, detailed processes. Her style embraces intricate pattern, delicate linework and expressive colour exploration. With a strong focus on the feminine and a woman’s inherent connection to nature, Leah’s sensitivity draws on the subtleties and rhythms of our natural world, relishing in aspects of the mystical and unseen.


Leah works from her home studio in Dunsborough, finding plenty of inspiration in Australia’s raw and beautiful South West region.

You can find Kerry and Leah in the Margaret River region, working on their new collection for Running Wolves.
Call ahead on your next trip south because they love to put the kettle on make new friends! xx


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